Dr. Dominik Lotter


Dominik grew up in Malters near Lucerne. For his studies, Dominik moved to Basel, where he received his Bachelor degree in 2013. During his Master studies, he worked on the total synthesis of Fidaxomycin in the group of Prof. Gademann at the University of Basel. For his Master thesis, Dominik joined the group of Prof. Sparr, developing a synthetic route for the synthesis of oligo-1,2-naphthylenes. After graduation with a Master degree in 2015, he continued in the group as a PhD student to develop stereodivergent methods for these oligomers. Currently he is working on the total synthesis of atropisomeric natural products.
Dominik likes to spend his free time with reading, cooking or going to the mountains.

Dominik currently works at Bachem.


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