Dr. Rodolphe Beaud


Rodolphe grew up in the seaside town of Montpellier, France, before moving to Paris for his undergraduate degree and completing his MSc project in 2011 with Dr. Emmanuel Roulland studying the mechanism of a stereoselective Tsuji-Trost reaction. He then joined the group of Dr. Guillaume Vincent at Université Paris-Sud to carry out his PhD studies. His doctoral research work focused on the functionalization of the indole nucleus promoted by Lewis acid for the synthesis of biologically active compounds. After graduation in 2014, Rodolphe pursued postdoctoral studies at the University of Cambridge, England, with Prof. Matthew Gaunt to develop a novel catalytic approach towards P-stereogenic compounds. From there, Rodolphe moved back to the Mediterranean cost of France and joined the group of Pr. Jean Rodriguez at Aix-Marseille Université in 2017. During his stay, his work focused on the development on new organocatalytic approaches towards enantioenriched medium-sized rings. In May 2019, Rodolphe joined the Sparr group as a postdoctoral researcher investigating new atroposelective transformations. In his free time, Rodolphe enjoys playing and watching sports, reading and travelling.

Rodolphe works now at SpiroChem.



Catalyst-Control over Sixfold Stereogenicity
X. Wu,+ R. M. Witzig,+ R. Beaud, C. Fischer, D. Häussinger, C. Sparr*
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